From Campus to Cox’s Bazar: Jobike’s Impact on Sustainable Transportation in Bangladesh

written by Enamul Haque

March 19, 2024

Jobike startup journey

An analysis of Jobike, the on-demand bike rental startup in Bangladesh.

Jobike Bangladesh is a bike-sharing service that was launched in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2018. The company aims to provide an alternative mode of transportation to help alleviate traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, and promote a healthier lifestyle in urban areas.

Jobike offers users the convenience of renting bicycles for short trips around the city through a mobile app. Users can locate and unlock bikes at designated docking stations using the app and pay for the rental on a per-minute basis.

Since its launch, Jobike has expanded its operations to other cities in Bangladesh, offering a sustainable and affordable transportation option for residents. The company continues to grow its network of bikes and docking stations, making it easier for people to access and use this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Overall, Jobike Bangladesh has made significant strides in promoting cycling as a viable transportation option in urban areas and has the potential to make a positive impact on the environment and quality of life in Bangladesh.

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1. Background and Launch:

   – Jobike was originally launched in July 2018 with a pilot program at the Jahangirnagar University campus.

   – Since then, it has expanded its services to several university campuses, including Dhaka University and Chittagong University.

   – In March of the previous year, Jobike extended its reach to Mirpur DOHS with around 50 bikes.

   – The company’s timing was strategic, as it launched in June 2023, just as Bangladesh was gradually emerging from COVID-19 lockdowns and people were returning to work with safety precautions in mind.

2. Micro-Mobility Model:

   – Bicycle-based micro-mobility offers an attractive alternative for short-distance transportation.

   – The model is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and efficient.

   – In a densely populated city like Dhaka, where rickshaws and walking are common modes of transportation, bike-sharing has significant potential.

   – However, the practicality of bike-sharing depends on several factors, including infrastructure and market demand.

3. Challenges and Nuances:

   – Infrastructure: Developing and maintaining bike-friendly infrastructure remains a challenge. Safe parking spots, designated lanes, and proper maintenance are essential.

   – Market Demand: While the concept makes sense, understanding the actual demand in the market is crucial. Jobike’s success hinges on whether people are willing to adopt bicycles for their daily commutes.

   – Safety Concerns: Addressing safety concerns related to traffic, road conditions, and weather is vital.

   – Competition: Although global micro-mobility trends have caught on, some bike rental companies have faced challenges. Jobike needs to navigate competition and differentiate itself effectively.

4. Recent Developments:

   – In June 2023, Jobike made a significant move by launching its bicycle rental service in four prominent areas of Dhaka: Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, and Niketan. Approximately 100 bikes are available across 22 parking spots in these areas.

   – The newly launched zones are clearly demarcated by fences to facilitate bicycle rides.

   – Jobike also introduced a new service called JoDelivery, an on-demand hyperlocal last-mile delivery service. JoDelivery aims to enable retailers and e-commerce companies to fulfill last-mile deliveries using a hyper-local model.

5. Conclusion:

   – Jobike’s journey has been eventful, from its initial pilot to expanding across university campuses and now venturing into key areas of Dhaka.

   – The company’s success will depend on its ability to address challenges, adapt to market dynamics, and provide a reliable and convenient service to users.

   – As the micro-mobility landscape evolves, Jobike’s role in shaping urban transportation remains intriguing.

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Jobike Bangladesh is that it has the potential to revolutionize urban transportation by providing a convenient, eco-friendly, and affordable bike-sharing service. With the increasing traffic congestion and pollution in cities, Jobike offers a sustainable solution for commuters to travel short distances quickly and efficiently. By expanding its network, improving infrastructure, and promoting cycling culture, Jobike can play a significant role in promoting a healthier and more sustainable urban environment in Bangladesh.

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