Shikho: A Comprehensive Analysis

written by Enamul Haque

March 21, 2024

shikho app startup analyses

Shikho Startup Analyses

Shikho, a Bangladeshi edtech startup, has made significant strides in the education sector. Let’s delve into a comprehensive analysis of this promising venture:

Background and Founding:

Founders: Shikho was founded in April 2019 by Shahir Chowdhury (CEO) and Zeeshan Zakaria (COO).

Motivation: Shahir, with a background in finance, aimed to create a socially impactful business in Bangladesh. His interest shifted from fintech to education, inspired by the emergence of successful Indian and Chinese edtech startups.

Mission: Shikho’s mission is to make supplementary education more accessible and affordable for Bangladeshi students.

Market Opportunity:

  • Bangladesh has a large population of approximately 165 million, with half of it being under the age of 25.
  • Students often rely on after-school learning centers, but these are concentrated in major cities. Shikho aims to bridge this gap by providing quality education beyond urban centers.

Product and Approach:

  • Curriculum: Shikho offers learning material based on the Bangladeshi National Curriculum for grades 9 to 12.
  • Engagement: To keep students engaged, Shikho employs gamification techniques such as points, leaderboards, and virtual awards.
  • Content Creation: Educators and subject experts create the learning material.
  • Grade Expansion: Shikho plans to introduce content for grades 6 up to university level and continuous education.

Funding and Growth:

Seed Funding: Shikho secured a $1.3 million seed round co-led by returning investor LearnStart and Anchorless Bangladesh in 2021.

Recent Investment: In 2023, Shikho raised additional investment from SAJIDA Foundation and new investors, making it the highest-funded edtech startup in Bangladesh with a total of $6.5 million USD raised to date.

Impact: Shikho’s funding success reflects its potential to revolutionize education in Bangladesh.

Challenges and Differentiation:

  • Outdated Syllabus: Shikho aims to modernize the delivery of the Bangladeshi National Curriculum, which has seen little change over the years.
  • Engagement: The startup focuses on overcoming challenges related to online learning engagement.
  • Unique Curriculum: Shikho claims to have created a curriculum that stands out from existing offerings in the market².

Future Prospects:

  • Shikho’s commitment to accessible education positions it well for future growth.
  • As the first Bangladeshi startup to raise $5.3 million in funding, Shikho is poised to make a lasting impact on education in the country.

In summary, Shikho’s innovative approach, strong funding, and dedication to improving education make it a promising player in the Bangladeshi edtech landscape.

How does Shikho plan to expand its reach in Bangladesh?

Shikho, the Bangladeshi edtech startup, has ambitious plans to expand its reach and impact within the country. Let’s explore their strategies:

Curriculum Expansion:

Shikho aims to cover a broader spectrum of education by extending its offerings to include classes 6, 7, and 8. This move will allow them to cater to a wider age group of students and provide a more comprehensive learning experience.

Vocational and Language Skill Building:

  • Recognizing the importance of practical skills, Shikho plans to enhance its offerings by incorporating vocational training and language skill development. By doing so, they can address the diverse needs of Bangladeshi learners and contribute to their holistic growth.

Bohubrihi Relaunch:

Shikho has acquired Bohubrihi, a well-known Bangladeshi professional courses platform. They are actively working on relaunching it with new and improved features. This move will further strengthen their position in the market and provide additional value to learners seeking specialized skills.

Advanced Features and Accessibility:

  • Shikho intends to continue enhancing its learning app by introducing features such as personalization, granular data analysis, and live quizzes.
  • They also plan to launch a web portal and a parent app, ensuring a seamless experience for users across mobile devices and larger screens like desktops and laptops.

Holistic Educational Journey:

  • Shikho’s long-term vision is to cover the entire educational journey of Bangladeshi students. This includes primary, secondary, tertiary education, and even continuous professional learning. By democratizing access to quality education, they aspire to leave a lasting impact for generations to come.

In summary, Shikho’s expansion strategy revolves around curriculum diversification, skill-building, and technological enhancements, all aimed at empowering Bangladeshi learners and transforming education in the country.

Who are some competitors of Shikho in Bangladesh?

Let’s explore some of Shikho’s competitors in the Bangladeshi edtech landscape:

  1. BYJU’S:
  • Location: Bengaluru, India.
  • Founding Year: Established in 2011.
  • Company Stage: Series F.
  • Overview: BYJU’S is a prominent edtech company known for its adaptive learning platform and engaging content. They cater to students across various age groups and offer a wide range of subjects.
  1. Physics Wallah:
  • Location: Noida, India.
  • Founding Year: Founded in 2016.
  • Company Stage: Series A.
  • Overview: Physics Wallah focuses on providing high-quality physics education through online video lectures. Their founder, Alakh Pandey, has gained popularity for his teaching style and content.
  1. Unacademy:
  • Location: Bengaluru, India.
  • Founding Year: Established in 2015.
  • Company Stage: Series H.
  • Overview: Unacademy is a versatile edtech platform that offers live classes, recorded videos, and interactive quizzes. They cover a wide array of subjects and have a strong presence in the Indian market.

These competitors, along with Shikho, contribute to the dynamic and evolving educational landscape in Bangladesh. Each brings its unique approach to online learning, catering to the diverse needs of students and learners in the region².

How does Shikho differentiate itself from its competitors?

Shikho, in its quest to stand out in the competitive edtech landscape, employs several strategies that set it apart from its rivals:

Localized Content:

  • Shikho tailors its learning material to Bangladeshi students by aligning with the Bangladeshi National Curriculum. This localized approach ensures relevance and resonates with the specific educational needs of Bangladeshi learners.

Gamification and Engagement:

  • Shikho understands the importance of student engagement. By incorporating gamification elements such as points, leaderboards, and virtual awards, they keep learners motivated and committed to their studies.

Holistic Learning Journey:

  • Unlike some competitors that focus on specific subjects or skills, Shikho aims to cover the entire educational journey. From primary to tertiary education and even continuous professional learning, Shikho provides a comprehensive platform for lifelong learning.

Acquisition of Bohubrihi:

  • Shikho’s strategic move to acquire Bohubrihi, a platform specializing in professional courses, enhances its offerings. By relaunching Bohubrihi with improvements, Shikho expands its reach and diversifies its content.

Funding Success:

  • Shikho’s impressive funding rounds, including being the highest-funded edtech startup in Bangladesh, demonstrate investor confidence. This financial backing allows them to innovate, scale, and stay ahead of the competition.

In summary, Shikho’s localization, engagement strategies, commitment to holistic education, and strategic acquisitions position it as a formidable player in the Bangladeshi edtech ecosystem.

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How does Shikho ensure quality education for its users?

Shikho, the Bangladeshi edtech startup, prioritizes quality education through several strategic approaches:

Localized Content and Curriculum Modernization:

  • Shikho digitizes the Bangladeshi National Curriculum, ensuring alignment with local educational needs. By adapting material from the national curriculum, students find it easier to transition from traditional classrooms to online learning environments.
  • Their technology platform covers daily lessons, homework, exam preparation, tutoring, and skill development in an affordable, convenient, and cohesive manner.

Multi-Layered Gamification and Engagement:

  • Shikho employs multi-layered gamification and modern learning methods to make online education enjoyable, engaging, and effective for students in classes 9-12. By combining expertise across content, instruction, media, and technology, they create an immersive learning experience.

Quality Assurance in Content Creation:

  • Shikho differentiates itself by prioritizing the quality of instruction. They have established a system with multiple layers of quality checking. Education experts and creatives review each stage of the content creation process, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness.

Affordability and Accessibility:

  • Shikho’s online platforms allow students to attend both live and pre-recorded classes taught by subject experts and professional instructors. This access to high-quality instruction is often beyond reach in physical classroom settings.
  • Students can learn at their own pace, accessing content from anywhere and anytime, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional online learning and tutoring services.

In summary, Shikho’s commitment to localized content, engagement strategies, and rigorous quality control contribute to its mission of democratizing quality education in Bangladesh.

Who are some notable educators working with Shikho?

Shikho, the Bangladeshi edtech startup, has collaborated with educators who contribute to its mission of revolutionizing learning. Here are some notable individuals associated with Shikho:

Shahir Chowdhury (CEO and Co-founder):

Shahir Chowdhury is one of the co-founders of Shikho. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the startup’s direction. Under his guidance, Shikho has made significant strides in democratizing education in Bangladesh.

Zeeshan Zakaria (COO and Co-founder):

Zeeshan Zakaria, another co-founder, plays a crucial role in Shikho’s operations. His expertise contributes to the platform’s success in providing localized content and engaging learning experiences for Bangladeshi students.

Ramisa Rob (Educator):

Ramisa Rob, an educator associated with Shikho, actively contributes to creating high-quality content for the platform. Her dedication to improving education has positively impacted learners across the country

These educators, along with the entire Shikho team, work tirelessly to ensure that students receive quality education through innovative digital solutions. Their collective efforts drive Shikho’s mission forward, making it a notable player in the edtech space in Bangladesh.

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What is the user feedback on Shikho?

Shikho, the Bangladeshi edtech startup, has garnered positive feedback from its users. Let’s explore some insights:

User Engagement:

  • Paying users on Shikho exhibit high engagement rates, spending approximately 45 to 50 minutes daily within the app. This indicates that learners find the content engaging and valuable

Localized Approach:

  • Shikho’s focus on aligning its learning material with the Bangladeshi National Curriculum resonates well with students. By tailoring content to local needs, Shikho stands out in the market

Strategic Funding Rounds:

  • Shikho’s funding journey has been impressive. It closed a $1.3 million seed round co-led by LearnStart and Anchorless Bangladesh. Additionally, it raised $275,000 in pre-seed financing earlier. These funding rounds reflect investor confidence in Shikho’s mission

Holistic Vision:

  • Shikho’s commitment to covering the entire educational journey sets it apart. From primary education to continuous professional learning, Shikho aims to democratize quality education for all

Shikho’s localized content, user engagement, strategic funding, and holistic approach position it as a promising player in Bangladesh’s edtech landscape.

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