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Pravaa Health Startup Analyses

Praava Health StartUp

Praava Health is a notable startup in Bangladesh’s healthcare sector, founded by Sylvana Q. Sinha in 2016. It has been recognized for its innovative ‘click-and-brick’ healthcare model, which combines digital tools with state-of-the-art outpatient care, world-class lab diagnostics, high-quality pharmacy services, and strong physician/patient relationships.

Growth and Development:
Since its inception, Praava Health has shown remarkable growth. By 2021, it served over 200,000 patients and had established more than 40 health-test collection points across Dhaka¹. The company has tripled its patient and revenue base each year, indicating a robust expansion trajectory.

COVID-19 Response:
Praava Health became the country’s first private provider of COVID-19 tests, which significantly accelerated its growth and helped establish it as Bangladesh’s fastest-growing consumer healthcare brand. During the pandemic, 90% of Praava’s consultations occurred virtually, showcasing the effectiveness of its digital healthcare services.

Funding and Investment:
The startup has attracted significant investment, raising a Series A Prime round in March 2021. Notable investors include retired United States Army General David H. Petraeus and other prominent angel investors, bringing its total funding to $10.6 million. As of 2021, Praava Health was also EBITDA profitable, generating $8 million in revenue.

Challenges and Opportunities:
Scaling up requires strategic decisions about where to prioritize investments. Options include expanding the digital toolbox, moving into new cities, building up the lab diagnostics business, or advancing into new fields like medical data analytics. With a surging economy and a growing middle class in Bangladesh, Praava Health is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities.

Praava Health’s commitment to providing high-quality, value-based, patient-centered healthcare anytime, anywhere aligns with the needs of Bangladesh’s rapidly developing healthcare landscape. Its success so far suggests a promising future, provided it continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving demands of healthcare consumers.

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praava health
praava health

How does Praava Health ensure quality care?

Praava Health ensures quality care through a combination of factors:

  • Patient-Centric Approach: They focus on providing a better patient experience with a one-stop-shop for health, offering caring doctors, world-class diagnostics, and more².
  • Qualified Staff: Employing specialized doctors across various departments ensures that patients receive expert care for their specific health needs⁴.
  • State-of-the-Art Diagnostics: By maintaining high-quality diagnostic laboratories and imaging facilities, Praava Health can provide accurate and timely diagnoses⁵.
  • Technology Integration: Utilizing Bangladesh’s first patient app, Praava Health enhances patient experiences and outcomes through technology, including meaningful doctor-patient relationships with 15-minute appointments⁴.
  • Comprehensive Services: With in-house pharmacy services, patients have access to medications and consultations all in one place, streamlining the care process².

These elements contribute to Praava Health’s commitment to improving patient experiences and outcomes, reflecting their dedication to quality care in Bangladesh’s healthcare sector.

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How does Praava Health use technology for patient care?

Praava Health leverages technology to enhance patient care in several ways:

  • Patient App: They have developed Bangladesh’s first patient app, which allows for easy appointment scheduling, access to medical records, and communication with healthcare providers¹.
  • Telemedicine Services: The app includes telemedicine capabilities, enabling patients to consult with doctors remotely, which is particularly beneficial for those who cannot visit in person³.
  • E-Pharmacy: Patients can order medications through the app, making it convenient to get prescriptions filled without a separate trip to the pharmacy³.
  • Virtual Primary Care: The platform offers virtual primary care, allowing patients to receive consistent, quality care from the comfort of their homes³.
  • Quality Diagnostics: By integrating technology with traditional health services, Praava Health ensures meaningful doctor-patient relationships and quality diagnostics, including lab and imaging services, to improve patient experiences and outcomes⁴.

These technological integrations are part of Praava Health’s “click-and-brick” model, which combines digital and in-person services to provide comprehensive, patient-centric care².

Who are some competitors to Praava Health in Bangladesh?

Some of the competitors to Praava Health in Bangladesh include:

  • Practo: An online platform connecting patients with healthcare providers³.
  • Carrot Fertility: A company that provides fertility benefits for modern workplaces³.
  • Prenetics: A genetic testing and digital health company³.

These companies offer various health-related services that may compete with Praava Health’s offerings in the healthcare market. It’s important to note that the competitive landscape is dynamic and can change as companies evolve and new players enter the market.

What are some challenges faced by Praava Health in Bangladesh?

Praava Health has faced several challenges in Bangladesh, as highlighted by its founder, Sylvana Q. Sinha:

  • Scaling Services: After the pandemic, determining what services to offer beyond COVID-19 testing was a significant challenge¹.
  • Maintaining Quality: Upholding international standards in their labs is a continuous effort¹.
  • Healthcare System Limitations: The healthcare system in Bangladesh faces issues like lack of primary care, coordinated care, insurance, reliable diagnostics, and technology³⁴.
  • Economic Goals: Adapting to the ups and downs of a startup and aligning challenges with business-economic goals is an ongoing process¹.

These challenges are part of the journey for any healthcare provider in a developing country, and overcoming them is key to Praava Health’s continued growth and success.

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